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Truck Spade Vs. Loader Spade - Potential Land Clearning Alternatives


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The purpose of this video is to demonstrate possible alternatives to “land clearing methods”. Although you are viewing equipment in the tens and hundreds of thousands, they are extremely successful in relocating healthy, beautiful trees. However, this “alternative” is still very much dependant on private contracting companies that are willing to use newer methods of land clearing. Though not all trees can be moved (due to grades and location to obstructions), many can be saved and relocated. It is a process then that requires a joint land clearing effort but it is also a process that may be more costly to the contractor. So, government mandates are the answer in calling for this type of joint effort. If the mandates are not in place, the contractor will always side towards “lowest cost” method.
That said, there is still a tremendous market for tree relocation and beautifying projects that can occur after the commercial and residential developments have already developed and matured. It would be a landscape contractor that would look for this market segment and use equipment like this to easily complete the project. This market is emerging in many countries worldwide but has not quite reached the point where governments and private contractors are looking to do more to save trees. It is starting however, there is a shift in emerging countries to get, as many call it; “green”. Hopefully this trend continues.

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