TruLite Industries, LLC Releases Tru-Band™ Technology For LED Grow Lights


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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 07, 2013 -- TruLite Industries seeks to set the standard for accuracy in wavelengths used for their LED grow lights with the introduction of Tru-Band™ Technology.

With Tru-Band™ Technology in all of TruLite's products, customers can be sure they are getting accurate and precise wavelengths delivered to their plants. This technology works based on the science of photosynthesis and the necessary pigments involved in turning light energy into food for plants.

Most of the light that a plant needs to satisfy the primary photosynthetic pigments Chlorophyll A & B and Carotenoids is found in specific red and blue wavelengths. Nearly all of the yellow and orange bands of light present in high-intensity HPS or MH lighting is not utilized by these pigments and is wasted as heat energy. TruLite seeks to target these pigments with precise wavelengths from specialized diodes to affect the flowering and growth of flowers, herbs, and vegetables with just a fraction of the power of high-intensity lighting. This is accomplished easily because none of the unused yellow and orange light is present, resulting in pure, high-intensity light.

Photosynthetic pigments utilize a wide range of light for photosynthesis; however, they are most active and efficient at specific peaks within spectrum. Tru-Band™ technology closely matches these peaks with a high degree of accuracy which allows for more prolific growth with less energy. For growers large and small, this means lower costs and increased revenues for their crops.

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TruLite Industries, LLC is a technology firm specializing in efficient horticultural products and operates in the business to business and business to consumer markets. TruLite sells directly through its website, and through approved distributors and retailers. To browse all available products, including the TLM400 which is specifically engineered for medium to large scale operations and ambitious individual growers, visit the website. For sales or distribution inquiries, please call 800-850-5131.

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