TruLite Industries, LLC Releases Tru-Watt™ Technology for LED Grow Lights


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Manchester, NH (PRWEB) May 03, 2013 -- In an effort to help clean up deceptive marketing practices in the industry, TruLite Industries, LLC has released Tru-Watt™ Technology through their entire line of LED grow lights for both commercial and individual growers.

Disappointed with current industry standards, TruLite seeks to define the standard for advertising power consumption of LED grow lights to increase positive market perception as well as customer satisfaction.

With current practices, many companies market their products based on nominal wattage. To find nominal wattage, the company will tally up the total number of diodes in a particular light and then multiply that by the wattage of each diode. For example, if a light has 100 diodes that are rated at 3w nominal power, then it is commonly marketed as a 300w LED grow light. The problem is that diodes are not normally driven to full power due to the fact that excessive heat will reduce the lifespan of the diodes, causing premature failure. To combat this, diodes are typically driven at only half the nominal wattage. In addition, various wavelengths in the light require different input power in order to maintain accuracy. The result is that the 300w light may only produce an actual wattage of 150w.

Consumers find this rather confusing and TruLite LED finds it unacceptable. With Tru-Watt™ Technology, customers will know the exact output power of every model light that TruLite makes regardless of how many chips are incorporated or their nominal wattage. For example, the TLM100 100W LED grow light uses 84 chips rated at 3w each for a total nominal wattage of 252 watts. However, because of Tru-Watt™ Technology, the TLM100 has an actual power draw of 100 watts. The goal is to set a simple standard that makes technical information easy to understand for consumers. Instead of being lured in by inflated wattage numbers, consumers benefit by knowing exactly what they are getting and will end up with better results because of it.

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TruLite Industries, LLC is a technology firm specializing in efficient horticultural products and operates in the business to business and business to consumer markets. TruLite sells directly through its website, and through approved distributors and retailers. To browse all available products, including the TLM400 which is specifically engineered for commercial growers, visit the website. For sales or distribution inquiries, please call 855-254-1213.

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