TruLite LED Sends Nearly $20M in Project Bids for LED Grow Lights in 90 Days

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Sustainable food and cannabis growers from the USA to Dubai are learning about TruLite

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) -- TruLite LED, the Horticultural Lighting Division of Trulite Industries, LLC is on the move. Their sustainable food platform has submitted almost $20,000,000 in project bids for LED Grow Lights, in just the last 90 days. Growers from around the world are hearing about the advancements that this fast emerging company is developing. Buyers are indoor food farmers and medicinal growers from as far as Dubai and India, to the Tantalus Mountains of British Columbia, as well as micro green and strawberry growers in Colorado, Michigan, and California.

What potential clients are hearing is that TruLite’s technology is cutting edge with precise targeted wavelengths, not the shotgun approach even the best known firms operate with. This is known because the engineers at TruLite bought their competitor’s lights and took them apart, looking at configuration of diodes, diode brand, diode batch quality, wire layout, heat dissipation techniques, housing and true wattage. Then, they designed a light that outperforms and runs cooler and longer than other lights on the market.

This firm is well organized with the correct manufacturing and quality control systems in place. Other companies talk about quality and many have had substantial cash infusion from multiple rounds of venture funding but fall short in the lab. A few are European companies with no real presence in the USA and at best, their lights are simple 2 -3 color lights that will grow greens and other simple plants. They are able tout awards and some name recognition, however, pricing is as high as $7500 for a 400watt light. TruLite’s online price is $1549.00 for our 400watt Master Grow Series and it is really powered at 460 watts of pure TruWatt™ grow spectrum light.

Let’s not forget their trademarked TruWatt™ and TruBand™ technological milestones either. Guaranteed minimum power output and specific wavelength selections. Both the most important things in a LED Grow Light. Combine this with an attractive metal housing, modular light design for easy replacement and repair. Last but not least, their powerful secondary lens for magnification and focus of light energy for increased intensity.

These are some of the reasons growers are seeking them out. Additionally, they offer a 3 year warranty and have a knowledgeable customer service and plant science team as well. The team at TL Industries live and breathe plants and are well versed in all varieties. Whether you are growing orchids, micro greens, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, or medicinal cannabis that require strong focused spectra, then TruLite LED is the source. Visit at or call Toll Free #1-800-850-5131.

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