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Two certified reference materials for GMO PH05-0026-0048 potato released


Legislation in the EU regulates the placing on the market of food and feed consisting of, containing or produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They are referred to as 'GM food and feed' and require authorisation in the EU.

 BASF Plant Science Company GmbH (Ludwigshafen, DE) developed the genetically modified (GM) potato event PH05-026-0048 with the unique identifier code BPS-PHØ48-1. Although originally developed for commercialisation, BASF decided in 2012 to discontinue the European authorisation request, but further entrusted the JRC IRMM with the development of a certified reference material (CRM) for the presence/absence testing of this genetically modified potato event.

 The two CRMs ERM-BF435a and ERM-BF435b are intended to be used as positive and negative controls in DNA-based GM measurements. Details about the certification can be found in the related certification report.

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