UK environment agency takes steps to clear popular tourist site

The Environment Agency took action to clear several fallen trees from a local tourist attraction on the River Mole earlier this week, after a plea from the National Trust.

The three Ash trees were blown down during storms in March 2008 and blocked a walk way of stepping stones at Box Hill.

A team of seven operations delivery staff were on site, with workers using two seven tonne tractors to remove the timber, which was cut up with chain saws.

Peter Creasey, National Trust warden said:

“It is great that the Environment Agency responded to our request to remove the tree. Many people walking the North Downs Way use the Stepping Stones at Box Hill to cross the River Mole, and this tree was obstructing the walkway. Our National Trust team are working with the Environment Agency to remove the chunks of timber from the site.”

Steve Scott, Environment Agency operations delivery management team leader said: “Before work started, our conservation and fisheries officers confirmed that the work - which involved the tractor entering the watercourse - would not have an adverse affect on the site. Not only is it a site of special scientific interest but we had to make sure that the removal would not cause any problems during fish spawning season. Hopefully this clearance work will mean that walkers are safely able to cross the river again.

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