UK Farmers Urged to Prepare For Spring – Fertiliser Storage Tanks At Hand



We’d echo the advice of one of the UK’s leading fertiliser suppliers, as reported by Farming UK, and that is to be prepared for spring fertiliser applications.  Because we had a very early harvest this year, good conditions in autumn and favourable weather ever since, most arable crops are well ahead and looking good going into winter, according to Allison Grundy, Arable Agronomist for GrowHow.

Arable and grassland farmers should ensure that they have adequate supplies of fertiliser in store and to avoid being caught out in the event of an early spring.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser storage tanks help farmers to do just that.  Like all Enduramaxx horizontal and vertical storage tanks, Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are available in capacities up to 30,000 litres, enabling farmers to store large volumes of pre-mixed fertiliser safely and securely.

Enduramaxx tanks are robust and are made using UV-stabilised polyethylene, so that fertilizer, as well as any other liquids used in arable organisations is protected and kept in optimum condition.  As well as storing fertiliser safely, we’ve also mentioned that farmers have been asked to ensure that fertiliser is stored securely too, with the threat of terrorism at its highest point for some years, with fertiliser being a commonly used element of home-made explosives.

For more information on storing fertiliser and other liquids and chemicals, speak to the experts here at Enduramaxx.

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