UK Farming Praised for Leading in Quality and Innovation



This week’s Yorkshire Post praises UK agriculture, stating that it leads the way on quality and innovation. It mentions how supporting innovation in our food and farming sector is crucial to growing our economy and meeting future demand for food. It also correctly states that if we are to feed our population, improve its health and conserve precious resources, like water, then science is crucial.

It goes on to praise York as a powerhouse for agri-tech with its Biorenewables Development Centre, the Centre for Novel Agriculture Products, the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera), all of which are dedicated to the development of a more sustainable food chain, benefitting farmers and consumers alike.

It is the conservation of water that Enduramaxx is very dedicated to also. No matter what becomes of the weather, no matter what restrictions are put on farmers in relation to water extraction and regardless of impending mains water price rises, Enduramaxx can help farmers to stay more in control of their own water supplies and we do this through the provision of rainwater harvesting solutions.

As well as providing UK farming with a broad array of plastic water tanks, cone bottom tanks, conical tanks and horizontal and vertical storage tanks, it’s our provision of systems that collect roof run-off, storing rainwater in sturdy, UV-stabilised polyethylene rainwater tanks that really help farmers and growers to harvest huge volumes of this otherwise wasted resource, storing rainwater at optimum condition until its needed most.

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