UK farming urges EU policy makers to consider the future of pesticides carefully



The growing season is fast approaching and farmers and growers throughout the UK are turning their attentions to the management of fertilisers and pesticides. This month, farmers and UK industry bodies called for a balanced EU approach to pesticides, as reported by Farmers Guardian. The NFU, Crop Protection Association and Agricultural Industries Confederation presented what they have named “Healthy Harvest’ campaign to representatives from the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels.

The report shows that EU policies threaten some 87 out of circa 250 approved pesticides used in the UK and of these, 40 are considered to have a likelihood of disappearing or being heavily restricted within the next 5 to 7 years. The worry is that there is a potential of serious consequences for crop yields, which may include a 12 per cent drop in winter wheat yields, along with impacts on other crops, including carrots and onions. The report suggests that the agricultural industry’s contribution to the economy could fall by some 36 per cent, equating to circa £1.6bn, with a number of knock-on effects, including effects on employment levels. Another potential consequence of banning certain pesticides is overseas competition taking a lead. The chemicals in question include pesticides containing neonicotinoids that would be result in the greater application of pyrethroid sprays.

Which ever chemicals remain and whichever might be banned through EU legislation, the correct storage of agricultural chemicals is imperative. Farmers can also make huge savings from bulk-buying chemicals and liquid fertiliser and storing them in high-capacity chemical tanks and dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks. All Enduramaxx horizontal and vertical storage tanks are made sing a single piece of rotationally-moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene. Chemicals and liquid fertiliser are protected from spillage and from the elements, ensuring that these expensive and sometimes hazardous commodities and not wasted nor leaked into the environment.

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