UK seals, sea lions and penguins in for a sustainable treat


Source: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Marine Nutrition, the largest supplier of animal feeds to UK Public Aquariums, has received MSC certification to supply certified sustainable seafood to all of its clients.

Supplying two thirds of UK aquariums, Marine Nutrition will now be able to offer their new MSC certified sustainable option, Norwegian North Sea herring, to 24 of the 36 public aquariums in the UK as well as several world-renowned zoos and wildlife parks, including The Deep, Bristol Zoo and Chester Zoo.
Long-term sustainable goals

MSC’s UK Foodservice Manager, Ruth Westcott, welcomed the announcement: 'It is great news that Marine Nutrition has achieved certification for their herring. This opens the doors for many of the UK’s top zoos and aquaria to give their animals sustainable feed, something we would love to see more of. It really is great work by all involved.'

With a philosophy to source only products from sustainable and responsible fisheries, getting MSC certification was an obvious step for Marine Nutrition. Paul Bird, Director, explained: 'It was natural for us to go down the MSC route, as the main driving force of our business is that we source products from well-managed, sustainable fisheries.'

We are aiming to sell 50,000kg of MSC certified herring per year and our target is for half of our sales by volume to be from MSC certified products by the end of 2016.'

Despite operating for only two and a half years, the company has already built a large client base, also supplying several notable zoos and aquariums in Europe, including Copenhagen Zoo and the Ozeaneum in Stralsund Germany, and is looking to expand even further throughout all these sectors.

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