US Composting Council

US composting council`s 18th Annual Conference & Trade Show call for papers


Source: US Composting Council

Abstracts are encouraged on the following conference topics:

Feedstocks, Collection, Processing & Energy Production

Increasing Food Residuals Composting in the U.S.

  • Streamlining permit regulations for composting food residuals
  • Developing diversion programs
  • Integrating food residuals into existing yard waste composting programs
  • Overcoming collection issues
  • Advances in on-site technologies

Renewable Energy from Organics

  • Anaerobic Digestion & other treatment technologies
  • Biomass & Energy Markets
  • Integration with composting and organics recycling systems
  • Cost-Benefit analysis vs. Composting

Composting Systems & Technologies

  • In-Vessel and other system designs: case studies
  • How to select a system
  • Vermicomposting systems

Odor Control, Process Management, & Facility BMP's

  • Advances in odor prevention and treatment
  • Process control to minimize odors
  • Improving process management and performance
  • Best Management Practices for Compost Facilities
  • Facility design for operational efficiency
  • Health and safety issues & solutions
  • Assessing equipment needs

Compostable Plastics

  • New products and expanding uses
  • Barriers to the widespread use of compostable plastics

Composting New Feedstocks
Mortality Composting
Managing Disaster Debris

Environmental Protection, Regulations, Education and Home Composting

Climate Change, Organics & Composting

  • Organics' role in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from organics recycling
  • Carbon Credits and Chicago Climate Exchange protocols


  • Developing Model State Composting Regulations
  • BMPs for stormwater management around compost sites

Air Quality

  • Emissions and Environmental Impact from composting
  • Emissions monitoring & evaluation


  • Professional development programs and issues
  • Composting education for primary or secondary grades
  • College level programs

Home Composting Programs

  • Innovations in promoting home composting
  • Data on diversion and participation rates through home composting

Economics, Business, Marketing and Markets

The Business of Organics Recycling

  • Effect of the current economy
  • Accessing Infrastructure Development funds
  • Financing alternatives
  • Product and feedstock diversification


  • Product quality needs for specific markets
  • Innovative marketing tools, programs and strategies
  • Selecting and selling to the right markets

Use of Compost in Green Building and Low Impact Development Practices

  • Engineered soils & sustainable landscape systems
  • Stormwater management & erosion control
  • Improving water quality & reducing pollution
  • Green Roofs and other green building initiatives

Product and Market Developments

  • Federal Biobased Products Preferred Procurement Program
  • Incorporating compost in the LEED certification process
  • The Sustainable Sites Initiative - what it means to compost producers
  • Beneficial reuse of Foundry Sand to expand compost sales
  • Bioremediation & other innovative applications

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