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Use of the tree editor


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Here is a few tips to get the most out of the updated tree editor.

You have probably noticed the new tree structure and the Tree Editor button at the top of the tree. Here is a few tips to improve the usability of the feature.

  1. Click on the Tree Edit button: Drag and drop boxes between tables to sort groups. The tree is resorted to reflect the Current Groups sorting.
  2. Mark the 'Group by Facility' next to the Save button to change the order of installations and fields.

You may aggregate, enter, edit and delete the data regardless of the tree structure chosen.
The tree is organized based on the users preferences

Please note that you must enter/choose the parameters before the Tree Editor has any value. This is done in different places in Nems Accounter dependent on the type of data:

  • Installation Type is defined under Configuration > Installation [Click any installation]
  • Purpose of operation, Country, Business Cluster, Business Unit and Business Sub Unit are all set under the Fields tab located under Configuration > Installation [Click any installation]
  • Business Area, Administrative Area, Geographical Area and Production Area are all set under Configuration > Fields [Click any field]

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