Valtra refreshes its brand: New Valtra is bold, modern and close to the customer

In connection with the launch of the new T Series, Valtra is unveiling its new brand identity and publishing its new customer pledge, “Your Working Machine”. The changes are global and also apply to Valtra’s factory, operations and products in Brazil.

Valtra is keen to respond even better to customer demands. The core idea is to offer customers service concepts and products that are easy to use and reliable and that meet the customer’s intended uses. “Your” describes Valtra’s way of working close to the customer and tailor making each tractor to individual customer requirements. “Working” describes Valtra’s expertise and customer support in the toughest working conditions, from the heat of Brazil to the freezing conditions in the North. “Machine” in turn describes the importance of the tractor itself and its reliability, power and versatility.

Along with Valtra’s updated operations and products, corporate identity also looks different. The new look has been brought up to date and harmonised globally, and it will be very visible in our communication channels and other places where we interact with customers. Valtra’s traditional colours have been retained but given fresh, dynamic and bold new shades.

The fourth generation T Series is the first demonstration of Valtra’s new brand on products. By combining the Scandinavian design heritage with the new brand promise, a product has been created that will further strengthen Valtra’s competitiveness and show the way for the further development of other products.

Altogether Valtra is now even bolder, more modern and closer to the customer. This new attitude is reflected in everything Valtra does, from product design and manufacturing to the service provided by the local sales organisation. Dynamic and modern Valtra meets customer demands and expectations with individual, innovative and reliable solutions.

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