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VB Group builds Westland Hockey Greenhouse


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During the World Champions Cup Hockey 2014 in The Hague the Westland Hockey Greenhouse will draw international attention for more than two weeks. Several activities will be organized inside the greenhouse and the outside appearance will be shared with the rest of the whole world.]

'We like to show the best of Westland!'

The Westland Hockey Greenhouse will be the business card of Westland for two weeks. This special greenhouse will be designed, engineered and built by VB Group from De Lier, Netherlands.

'At the moment we are busy with the design and engineering of the greenhouse,' says Edward Verbakel, Managing Director of VB Group. For nearly fifty years the company, situated in De Lier, is known as a versatile designer and reliable builder of complete greenhouses for horticultural use at home and abroad. 'The Westland Hockey Greenhouse is not a standard greenhouse. Building next to the Kyocera Stadium is unique, as there the foundation will be specially designed for this temporary greenhouse. After the World Champions Cup Hockey, the Westland Hockey Greenhouse will be disassembled and re-used for another event. For this reason the complete construction has to fit into one sea container. Additionally, the greenhouse should be CO2 neutral, self-sustainable and will be used quite different compared to a standard glass greenhouse. We must fully adapt to the local circumstances, but fortunately we are used to do that!'.

Unique promotion
The construction of the Westland Hockey Greenhouse is no trifle. 'Yes indeed, but as VB Group, and especially as a company from Westland, we are in the opinion that it is very important that during this event we show our specialism concerning global horticultural business' Verbakel continues. 'Images and footage of the World Cup will pass the whole world. As we now are able to show Westland and our greenhouses in a large number of countries, we must ensure that those pictures exceed any expectations. A sustainable, innovative and striking Westland Hockey Greenhouse is a unique way to promote our region. Also the fact that we can bring healthy and safe food to everyone’s attention is a strong motivation for us.'

Time pressure
Verbakel does not know yet when exactly the construction of the temporary greenhouse can start. 'My guys would like to start at end of April already, but it depends what Dutch Premier League club ADO The Hague will do at the end of the soccer season. If they have to play in the playoffs, they will need the stadium for a longer period and this implies that we have less time for the construction of the Westland Hockey Greenhouse. Luckily in the horticultural business we are used to work under pressure and still deliver top quality!”.

Besides VB Group there are many other well-known participants who are making the Westland Hockey Greenhouse possible. The principal participants include Rabobank, Westland Infra, Rijk Zwaan, Nature's Pride, Priva, MPS and Greenco. The World Cup Hockey is from May 31 to June 15 in The Hague,

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