‘Vegetable Garden of Europe’ Irrigated With UV-Treated Effluent


Source: Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company

In one of the first schemes of its kind in Europe, Hanovia ultraviolet (UV) technology is being used to treat municipal effluent for irrigating crops in the arid Murcia region of Spain.

Murcia has a unique microclimate which allows fruit and vegetables to be grown all year round, giving the area its popular name ‘the vegetable garden of Europe’. Because of its unusual geography, however, the region has very low rainfall, meaning that irrigation water is extremely scarce. For this reason effluent is now being used for watering crops.

“The effluent supply is gravity-fed, so the disinfection system is very susceptible to pressure loss,” explained Hanovia’s Spanish distributor. “Hanovia’s medium pressure UV technology was therefore a deciding factor in the choice of treatment system, as the low number of UV lamps in each chamber offers less resistance to fluid flow, resulting in lower overall head loss. Medium pressure technology also results in energy and component savings for the system operators and is more reliable at permanently destroying microorganisms,” he added.

The installation consists of three Hanovia medium pressure UV treatment chambers installed in series. They treat a combined effluent volume of 500m3/hour and are normally running 16 hours per day, although they can operate 24 hours a day if required.

Commenting on the project, Craig Howarth, Hanovia’s Managing Director, said, “The Murcia project once again demonstrates Hanovia’s ability to provide custom-designed solutions for specific disinfection problems.”

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