VEPOWER signs agreement with Jatropha Africa for 50,000 hectares


Source: Clean Development Projects Limited

VEPOWER Limited has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Jatropha Africa with the goal of financing the Company’s 50,000 hectare plantation in Ghana, West Africa.  VEPOWER will thus secure more than 40,000 tonnes of crude bio-fuel.

VEPOWER is quickly emerging as one of Europe’s leading sustainable energy companies.  The business is built around the expertise of CEO Daniel Cross in the bio-oils industry and CTO Tony Bedding in process engineering.  Together with Jatropha Africa the Company plans to commence the production of their third generation bio-fuel this year.

The plantation in Ghana will yield as much as 1250 kg of crude Jatropha oil per harvest when it is mature in 5 years time.  Since two harvests can be expected in Ghana the plantation can be expected to give 125,000 tonnes of oil every year.  This is sufficient to drive more than 100,000 family cars for a whole year if converted into biodiesel.

VEPOWER will not be converting much of this into biodiesel however.  The process of converting vegetable oils into biodiesel (transeterification) is energy intensive and VEPOWER believes that extra energy is better utilised in the National Grid to power our homes and businesses.  The Company’s third generation bio-fuel combines waste streams and virgin crude oils into a clean burning energy rich fuel for industry and power generation.

VEPOWER is in negotiations with other plantations and is setting up their own plantation in Pakistan with the support of the regional government.

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