Vestaron Corporation Announces Filling of Insect Control Patents


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KALAMAZOO, MI -- (Marketwire) -- 03/15/12 -- Vestaron Corporation announces today it has filed worldwide patent applications claiming a broad genus of insecticidal triazines and pyrimidines. Vestaron is developing environmentally friendly products for insect control markets. The patent discloses a novel template that was uncovered during a search for synthetic molecules that mimic the action of peptides isolated from spiders.

'We are delighted that this project has progressed as rapidly as it has, and we are exploring potential partnering opportunities for both crop and public health uses with this new class of molecules,' said Robert Kennedy, Vestaron Corporation's Chief Scientific Officer. Development of these molecules and discovery of additional leads is funded by a grant from the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health through the Vector-Based Transmission of Control: Discovery Research program of the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative.

The filings are part of a series of global patents and patent applications sought by the Kalamazoo, Michigan-based biotechnology company. 'This milestone demonstrates the value of Vestaron's technology platform from which we are developing natural and synthetic insect control products, and into the future, genetically modified crops,' added CEO Steve Hartmeier.

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Vestaron is developing a new generation of insecticides using natural peptides from spiders. Products under development have a unique mode of action, are highly effective against insects and related pests and are harmless to non-target species, including humans. Target markets include agriculture, animal health and specialty non-crop uses such as household insects. Vestaron CleanTech products will be ideally suited for the environmentally conscious twenty-first century. For more information visit

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