Water Abstraction Pressures to Growers and Farmers in East Anglia



Farmers Weekly reports on major challenges ahead for growers irrigating crops in East Anglia, as water abstraction pressure from the twin affects of a growing population and climate change increases.  Farmers must be allowed to play an active role in discussions about local water management, according to Jamie Lockhart, chairman of the Broadland Agricultural Water Abstractions Group (BAWAG).  BAWAG represents over 100 growers who irrigate arable and horticultural crops in the Broadland Rivers catchment area of east Norfolk.

Rainwater harvesting is a tactic that could give some growers and farmers the upper hand when it comes to water restrictions.  Storing vast quantities of roof run-off, rainwater tanks made from strong uv-stabilised polyethylene protect rainwater from spillage and keep it at an optimum condition until it is needed.

In addition to rainwater harvesting tanks, Enduramaxx also supplies farmers with potable water tanks and even WRAS approved drinking water tanks, all of which give farmers more control over their own water supplies, making them less dependent on abstraction and less vulnerable to potential mains water price increases and restrictions.

For more information on rainwater tanks and on rainwater harvesting solutions, get in touch with Enduramaxx now.

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