Water Use on Australian Farms 2011-12 publication


Source: Irrigation Australia Limited

The ABS has released its Water Use on Australian Farms, 2011-12, publication

This publication presents estimates of agricultural water use (including pastures and crops irrigated), irrigation water sources and irrigation expenditure. Estimates are presented at Australia, State/Territory, and Murrary-Darling Basin (MDB) levels. Additional datacubes for regional geographies, i.e. Statistical Area 4 (SA4) and Natural Resource Management (NRM) region, will be released at a later date.

The publication notes that, for agricultural water use:

  • Consecutive years of good rainfall has resulted in increased water availability for the agricultural sector.
  • Australia’s total agricultural water use in 2011-12 was 9,007 gigalitres, which was 1,456 gigalitres (19%) more than in 2010-11.
  • More than two thirds (69%) of this use was in the Murray-Darling Basin, which amounted to 6,174 gigalitres.
  • The states using the most water were New South Wales with 3,751 gigalitres and Queensland with 2,108 gigalitres.

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