WaterVent’s growing success in six years


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Incepted in February 2010 (in Berlin WaterVent (acronym of Water and Venture)) is enjoying a steadily increasing brand awareness. Though we notice hundreds of congresses and trade fairs dealing with water issues and subjects organized globally, WaterVent was and is still the only international water technologies (and related nexus) focused forum: minimum 50% of presentations done are setup by water technology entrepreneurs and innovators looking for funding and/or clients (users, applications)!

  • Nine forums in US, Europe and UAE with appr. 1,600 attendees Serious negotiations for appr. $ 130 Mio reported
  • Attendees reported more than 800 serious leads acquainted (into clients, users, support) 
  • Appr. 8,700 enquiries to attend received 
  • Global Database of appr. 48,000 water tech companies, investors, services, clusters, experts created 
  • Appr. 2,500 members in our water technology financing and venturing group in Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3000464 
  • Appr. 4,000 water tech first degree contacts in Linkedin 
  • > 30,000 hits in Google for WaterVent Ä More than 70% of all relevant corporates, utilities, investors, experts have heard about WaterVent (result of a recent market study conducted; base: 1,200 people reached out in US/Canada, Europe and Israel) designed to bring exclusively (sic!) water technology (and those related in the water nexus) entrepreneurs and investors together in an exclusive, non-conference, one-on-one setting in order to accelerate growth by support in attracting (first) clients, assess business opportunities and facilitate financing in the water sector.

'Water is not virtual: Your can not suck water from the internet!”

Ulf Leonhard, Initiator of WaterVent

WaterVent differentiates its offering by:

  • Being entrepreneur driven 
  • Covering all growth stages – from start-up to established 
  • Tailoring matchmaking between innovators, investors and potential users 
  • Rendering a global network with access to all relevant water tech experts, investors, corporates, incubators and clusters 
  • Global spread of attendees and database from all relevant water ”active” innovative regions Ä Short presentations. No boring 45 minutes speeches…. 
  • Including all adjacent technologies in the water nexus (i.e. green & blue biotech, aquaculture, food, urban and precision farming, resilient cities, fertilizers…) 
  • We offer matchmaking events as well as individualized advisory services to best serve your needs – whether you are an entrepreneur or investor.

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