Wear parts cost analysis from HMH puts RM80 in front


Source: Rubble Master HMH GmbH

The German operator of a gravel pit in Bratislava, Slovakia had screened approx. 400,000 tonnes (440,000 US tons) of 22/100 mm (7/8'/4') gravel from the River Danube and kept it in storage, although there turned out to be no opportunity to sell it. Since the storage heaps were now too high - and over 1,000 tonnes (1,100 US tons) more were arriving every day - they decided to purchase a crusher.

After a number of unsuccessful tests with competitors' equipment, the Slovakian RUBBLE MASTER partner Konsip had a look at this awkward assignment. The gravel needed to be crushed to a final grain size of 0 – 16 mm (0/ 5/8'). Due to the high quartz content of 72%, the question of wear costs was critical for the whole project, in addition to the screen systems required. Equipped with a high performance RM80 impact crusher – combined with a CS3600 final screen - RUBBLE MASTER started a 4-week test series. The overwhelming result of the wear cost analysis: less than € 0.4 per tonne of final product - using a 0/16mm (0/5/8') screen! This material can now be sold at a profit to road building firms and asphalt and concrete companies.

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