Webinar on Challenges and Solutions for Responsible Peatlands Management


Source: Wetlands International


Currently, drained peatlands for agriculture and forestry are the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use sector. Join over 120 colleagues working on peatlands and climate change mitigation from all over the world, and enrol now for the webinar 'Challenges and Solutions for Responsible Peatlands Management', organised by FAO, through the web form.

The webinar will take place between late September to early October, 2014, which will be communicated shortly. Wetlands International China contributes with a presentation on peatland restoration and benefits for livestock.

Key questions that are the focus of the webinar:

  1. What kinds of peatland management practices can be considered responsible (in terms of climate change mitigation, livelihoods and ecosystem services)?
  2. How much of greenhouse gas emission reductions can be achieved through these practices?
  3. What are the benefits and costs of these practices?

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