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After yet another record-breaking year in terms of turnover, HSM, the manufacturer of office machines located in Baden in Germany, will continue its emphasis on growth in the sector of professional office engineering. At the Paperworld trade fair in Frankfurt, HSM introduced its new “SECURIO” document shredder product line. With a completely newly developed product range, a new design, new technology and an individually tailored marketing campaign, the new generation of document shredders was presented on schedule as a highlight.
Our consistent focus on customer benefit has been the predominant premise behind the work of HSM developers and a reputable design office. The task was to develop a completely new generation of document shredders that is to set standards in terms of technology and visual style. 
Customer and employee surveys and a comprehensive market research survey formed the basis for our development work. This survey - also carried out by a reputable company on behalf of HSM - contributed towards taking the most important customer requirements into account. Quiet operation, energy saving, design, simple handling and performance were among the most important requirements of those purchasers, professional office users, specialist dealers and private customers interviewed. With regard to the design, we finally opted for a striking, highly modern and functional shape as well as the colour “white” that gives the SECURIO models the desired elegance.
New product line, new technology
Concentration on what is essential, a design that sets standards and new technical features that facilitate operation and handling – these aspects are now covered by the new SECURIO range. In addition to further optimising the established heart of the HSM document shredders – the cutting unit and its solid steel cutting rollers – and thus improving their performance, entirely new features have also been integrated in the machines. For the first time, we have used what is called the EMCS system for optimising energy efficiency, thus reducing power consumption significantly. The novel electronic control reduces and controls the power consumption according to the user's requirements by reducing the energy input step-by-step via standby mode, sleep timer and automatic shutdown to zero consumption. 
With regard to climatic changes (greenhouse effect) and the question of the practical usage of our natural energy resources, this type of technology not only makes sense, it is also highly demanded.
Other functions, such as automatic reversing when paper jams as well as brief or continuous operation options, are also integrated in the EMCS system. Furthermore, the SECURIO models set shining examples – literally speaking - due to their top quality labels and shapely, ergonomic operation buttons. We have been able to reduce practically all functions to one main button. We have thus managed to make the handling of the machines intuitive and easy.
In addition to the actual product, new technology and media are also used for the marketing campaign for the market launch of the new machine generation. The main element of the entire campaign is the SECURIO Internet platform, to which all classic and electronic media refer. The integrated multimedia elements combine product and entertainment levels. At the product level, for example, there are 3D animations for all important functions, which can be a very important source of information for dealers. In particular the integration of the entertainment functions is aimed at the customer in order to generate the contacts and enquiries required by specialist dealers. Special, very striking elements are the “love letter generator”, the amusing “SECURIO video commercials” – that one can even create oneself – or the “sound check” that can be used to compare the sound design of the SECURIOS to those of products of the competition. Viral marketing – i.e. “word of mouth advertising over the Internet” – is the basic idea behind the overall marketing package. In this way, HSM will soon familiarise the customer with the new product brand and create an appropriate demand.

The online activities are also supported by classic advertising. Premium display packages, billboard advertising in selected cities and a number of new CD-ROMs with trailers and adverts, brochures, giveaways and mailings – designed to correspond with the entire SECURIO presence – are available to dealers for launching the products. With the new and very appealing products and the entire very special marketing package, HSM has placed a real brand on the market. Further information can be obtained directly from www.securio.com

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