What kind of weather do they have in Australia? you name it!


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Robert Crawford, of Perth, Western Australia, had a comment about us and our rather blanket statement in the last issue about the wet weather in Australia.

'Australia is such a wide continent, over 4000 km (2500 miles) across, in fact it’s about the same width as the continental USA. While parts of our eastern states are enduring flooding rains, Western Australia has had a dry year with its associated grain and other crop failure and city residents are facing water supply restrictions for the summer. On this side of the continent we are also expecting a busier than usual cyclone (hurricane/typhoon) season. This is typical for Australia with La Niña and El Niño effects in the Pacific bringing a contrary weather pattern to the west of the country.'

Of course, Robert, is so right. Australia is a huge continent and it is as silly to say it is wet in Australia as it is to say it is blizzardy in the United States.

Australians live in the tropics (in the north), in the desert (in the center) and in temperate climates (in the south). While it never snows in the temperate and tropical areas, the mountains in New South Wales and Victoria get plenty. People who live on in the southwest corner of Western Australian boast about their lovely Mediterranean climate. Some Australians can be sitting on sunny beaches, while others are getting drenched in a monsoon, and still others kick snow of their ski boots -- on the same day. Whatever your weather preference, you can find it somewhere in Australia!

But while we are on the topic of floods in Australia, check out this YouTube video of a flash flood carting off cars in this parking lot like they were made of balsa wood. At least it leaves them stacked neatly when it was done with them.

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