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What`s next for Helen Greatrex?


Having left a full-time position at GCAP in February this year, Helen Greatrex now works as a post-doctoral researcher for the University of Columbia, New York. Helen still works as an associate for GCAP and will be lecturing for the Adaptation Academy in August. Over the last 3 years, GCAP has built a large workforce community that incorporates many partners and associates and is not limited to just the Core Team at GCAP UK in Oxford, ‘you never really leave GCAP’, she says.

Last year, Helen worked on the on-going GCAP-led Ethiopian Climate Resilience Programme in which GCAP are working in partnership with GeoSAS, Vivid Economics and Excel Green. The main thing that she has taken away from her time at GCAP is “being able to see the bigger picture”. GCAP’s work does not focus on particular avenues but must take everything into account, everything from current development and variability to economic outcomes and far flung climate predictions.

Helen graduated with a Masters in Astrophysics before completing a PGDip in Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate and a PhD in ‘the application of seasonal forecasts and satellite rainfall estimates to crop yield forecasts for Ethiopia’. Her current work focuses on index insurance and how best to utilise the many weather inputs that could be used when developing and evaluating indices and contracts. In the near future, she hopes to move into climate change prediction, and wishes to exploit satellites to predict weather patterns for large regions.

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