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Spring is just around the corner, that meant it time to plant crops and start working in the garden. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can undermine all your hard work, drought, disease, unhealthy soil, and the Whitefly.

Whiteflies are especially dangerous for plants. They carry many diseases and leave bend a Sooty Mold that can shut down photosynthesis and can ultimately kill the plant.

“A white-winged pest less than a millimeter long threatens to devastate Florida’s $500 million tomato crop,” according to Tampa Bay Times.

“The discovery of Q-Biotype whitefly in the landscape is troubling for the entire ornamentals industry, as well as the vegetable and cotton industries, considering that the pest is an invasive that feeds on 600 crops and carries more than 100 viruses. Research on the Q-Biotype has also revealed that it is highly prone to developing resistance to insect growth regulators and other pesticides,” Greenhouse Grower.

There is an easy way to treat not only whiteflies, but also drought, diseases, and unhealthy soil, with organic black worm castings.

How does it work?

Worms feed on bacteria and fungus. One of these bacteria is found in the worm casting eat chitin. Most insects, including the white fly, exoskeleton is made from chitin. When black worm castings are applied to the soil, the plants absorb the nutrients from the worm castings, including Chitinase an enzyme that will dissolve chitin. When a whitefly tries to eat a plant fortified with black worm castings, they sense the bacteria that feeds on them and fly away.

What are some of the other benefits of black worm castings?

“Worm castings offer excellent moisture retention while improving soil aeration and drainage. They never burn plants; instead, they release nutrients over an extended period of time in a form that is readily available to roots. Plus, they aid fungus control by increasing the number of beneficial nematodes in the soil. They even offer natural pest control with an enzyme that repels a variety of harmful insects, including white flies, aphids, spider mites, mealy bugs, hornworms, and cucumber beetles,” Greenville Online.

Just like plants, our soil is a living, breathing organism, how you take care of it determines how healthy and productive your crops and plants will be, for both commercial farms and home gardeners.

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