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Whitmuir is a working organic farm located in West Linton just south of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is owned and run by Pete Ritchie and Heather Andersson with the ambition to create an organic community farm in cooperation with other community growers and farmers. 

The 130 acres farm is also home to numerous ducks, hens, piglets, beef cattle, ewes and lambs. With it's organic farm, shop and restaurant Whitmuir creates a lot of biodegradable waste. The installation of a Big Hanna model T75 will turn waste into fertilizers which will be used on the farm.

In late October 2015, on a sunny day and in the presence of all the fabulous colours of autumn, it was time to install the Big Hanna composter. It was placed in one of the numerous polytunnels which are used for growing organic vegetables. These vegetables are either sold in the farm shop or used in the restaurant. 

Cecilia Ek from Big Hanna in Sweden was present during the installation. She also gave the staff training in maintenance and managing. 

Whitmuir Farm grow and sell nothing but organic products and the composting machine is a perfect match to their concept. By turning organic waste into compost and use it on the farm their thoughts and ideas on how to create sustainable food and farming are being vizualised.
Along with being a working organic farm Whitmuir also engage in the local community and work closely with two nearby schools. They meet classes on a weekly basis and teach about organic food, how to sustainably farm in polytunnels and how to reduce the local carbon footprint. 

Their work include collecting food waste from the local schools a few times a week and load it into the Big Hanna. The school children will learn how to use the compost on the farm and thereby understand the benefit of composting and closing the loop.

The Big Hanna model T75 is equipped with the new Touch screen panel and is connected by an Ethernet cable to the Whitmuir internal network. This enables the staff to control the machine by a remote system and constantly monitor the temperature of the internal process, the operating parameters and to get daily reports on activities in real time.  Furthermore it gives the school children who follow the project access to the machine by remote connection to see compost temperature and other information about the process.

Whitmuir Farm also offer a range of workshops to all their visitors such as composting, how to reduce food waste and how to use compost in organic farming. 

Whitmuir Farm aim to become a national resource on sustainable food and farming, with discovery trails, exhibits, educational opportunities and citizen science projects.

Learn a lot more about organic farming on Whitmuir website: Whitmuir Community Farm

For more information about the Big Hanna composters and models, please contact us.

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