WINDIAS 3 – Image Analysis System for Leaves


Source: Delta-T Devices Ltd.

WinDIAS provides high speed measurement and analysis of leaf area and leaf features, making it the ideal tool for plant pathology applications.
  • Advanced leaf area meter plus perimeter, length, width and object count
  • Automated measurement of diseased, healthy and pest-damaged leaf areas
  • Point and click colour selection
  • Choice of camera or scanner systems
  • Conveyor accessory for rapid processing of leaves

WinDIAS 3 is a specialised image analysis system, optimised for plant science applications, particularly in plant pathology. It provides a full set of measurement statistics, and can process up to 800 leaves per hour using the conveyor belt option.

The WinDIAS system comprises a high resolution video camera, a lightbox and overhead lighting (to ensure good contrast and colour discrimination). Alternatively an A4 scanner with good depth of field may be used.

For reporting and further analysis, all results and images from WinDIAS are easily exchanged with other Windows applications.


  • Plant pathology
  • Agronomy and plant physiology
  • Crop protection
  • Forestry
  • Object counting
WINDIAS 3 – Image Analysis System for Leaves

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