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Worm Castings & Potting Mix – We can cure your depression!


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Does playing in the dirt make you happy?  Does gardening make you happy?

New studies show that the microbes in dirt – and those in our worm castings and potting mixes, can actually fight depression and make you feel happy.  No wonder we love working at the worm farm so much!!  We are exposed to these microbes all day and while we have always loved it, perhaps now we have a better understanding of why.

Soil Microbes Make You Feel Happy!

Unfortunately, many of the things we add to soil (especially synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides) kill soil microbes so your playing in the dirt may just be “playing in the dirt!”  Use our premium worm castings, encapsulated worm castings, or potting mixes to increase your soil health, grow amazing plants and feel better!

If you are ready to start feeling happy, order some worm castings (or potting mix)…. play with it everyday. Feel Happy!  Get your hands dirty and enjoy the health benefits!

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