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XPRT Media launches XPRT Sourcing, a tool that matches buyers’ project requirements with the right suppliers


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Madrid, Spain -- XPRT Media, publisher of online marketplaces Environmental Expert and Agriculture XPRT, announces the launch of XPRT Sourcing, a tool that matches industrial buyers’ project requirements to the right suppliers.

One of the most common issues facing industrial buyers is the time it takes to source the right suppliers for their projects. XPRT Media aims to reduce this time spending for buyers in the environmental and agricultural markets by doing the work for them.

It takes a buyer less than five minutes to fill out a short form specifying their needs, at which point XPRT Media searches their extensive database of over 37,000 suppliers that has taken them nearly fifteen years to build and forwards the buyer’s request to the suppliers who can best address the buyer’s requirement.

Buyers are provided access to a list of the suppliers who have received their request, so that the process is transparent, and any future buyer-supplier communication is direct, without having to go through an XPRT Media middleman.

The XPRT Sourcing tool matches requests to suppliers at absolutely no charge to buyers.

“Perhaps the biggest advantage to XPRT Sourcing,” says XPRT Media’s Head of Marketing & Content, Jason Barker, “is the fact that buyers can now benefit from the power of the XPRT Media database, which is by far the largest in the environmental industry, without the time investment of searching and filtering.”

“We constantly see requests from buyers that aren’t necessarily sent to the most appropriate suppliers,” says Mr. Barker, “and we know it’s because they don’t have time to perfect their knowledge of our site searching and filtering. So why not give these buyers a chance to leave the searching to the people who know the system best, the team here at XPRT Media? It’s a win-win situation.”

The free XPRT Sourcing tool can be accessed at http://xprt.com/open-request

About XPRT Media:

XPRT Media brings together industry professionals and suppliers across the Environmental, Energy and Agricultural markets.

XPRT Media’s goal is to enable suppliers to expand their reach, by providing them with a robust platform to showcase their latest offerings, manage their product catalogs and interact with buyers across the globe, while at the same time providing buyers with a powerful set of tools to help them narrow down their search for solutions across our markets.

XPRT Media started back in 1999 with its first and most renowned marketplace, Environmental XPRT, which now hosts over 30,000 companies and helps more than a million professionals find the solutions they need. In 2013, XPRT Media expanded beyond environmental and launched Agriculture XPRT, an online marketplace purely focused on helping professionals with buying power connect with leading suppliers within the agricultural industry.

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