Poultry Incinerators

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  • Poultry Waste – Carcass Disposal Following Bird Loss

    In March 2020, there was more than 143.9 thousand tonnes of poultry carcase waste produced in the UK[1] through poultry production. That figure relates to the number of birds slaughtered for meat produce, but birds also die in their millions from natural causes or disease, all around the world.For example, farmers can experience up to a 40 per cent increase in fallen stock during colder months. ...


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  • Poultry Incinerators

    Poultry Incinerators

    Severe water pollution cases, animal diseases, new virus strains and spread of infectious diseases are only few of the consequences of improper poultry waste treatment. Modern incineration is recognized as a most efficient solution for significant risk reduction in poultry waste management.