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  • 200,000 laying hens join the European Union - Case Study

    After the dissolution of former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s only few West Balkan countries have not yet become a member of the European Union (EU). These countries still allow keeping laying hens in cages. However, the tendency is to gain EU admittance in the long run. Good examples are the Republic of Serbia, which has already been granted the status of an official candidate for EU membership, ...


  • CFAES Experts Available to Speak on Avian Flu

    CFAES Experts Available to Speak on Avian Flu

    Experts from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine are available to speak with the media about the avian influenza virus. A federal report released on May 11 ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Climate Controllers for Agriculture

    Climate Controllers for Agriculture

    This controller supports up to six temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, two bird scales, one CO2 sensor, various types of heaters, a static pressure sensor, and more. The AC-2000 Pigs can be ordered with 12 or 20 relays.