Broiler Housing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • My birds thrive and that is the key to my success - Kjell Ingar, Norway - Case Study

    In the fiscal year 2018 my colleague spent 50% more money on heat and electricity per bird than I did. Kjell Ingar Boe lives in the town of Randaberg on the Atlantic West coast of Norway. He has been a broiler producer for more than ten years. His second house, built in 2017 and installed with a DACS system, is located just half a mile from the ocean – a location with extreme and consta


  • My Birds Pay Back on the Better in-House Climate

    Marc Van Thournout owns a broiler breeder farm and a hatchery near Pittem, Belgium. Marc distributes day-old chicks to several broiler farmers in the Pittem area. Nearly all of Marc´s houses are now equipped with DACS ventilation. New broiler ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Alarm System

    Alarm System

    AC 3-T A has a wide functional range and is furthermore equipped with a battery with an extremely long life. This ensures highest operational reliability, especially in regions where power failures are not uncommon. AC 3-T A consists of two housings to save space when installing the operating unit in a control cabinet door. The second housing holds the battery and the phase control (optional) and ...