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Articles & Whitepapers

  • 200,000 laying hens join the European Union - Case Study

    After the dissolution of former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s only few West Balkan countries have not yet become a member of the European Union (EU). These countries still allow keeping laying hens in cages. However, the tendency is to gain EU admittance in the long run. Good examples are the Republic of Serbia, which has already been granted the status of an official candidate for EU membership, ...


  • Product Launch: Modular Wall Inlet

    In agriculture applications an ideal climatic environment is essential as it can impact production and the health of animals. Proper air quality through ventilation is one of the main requirements in order to achieve optimum performance in growth ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Breedio Nest

    Breedio Nest

    The nest with center egg belt offers a quiet and hygienic place for the bird to lay their egg. Eggs have minimal contact with the open and soft mat. The short rolling distance to the egg belt preserves the quality of the egg. The curved design of the automatic expel system provides a bigger internal volume for the birds. Holes on top of the expel system provides a better air circulation. The ...