Poultry Bedding

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  • Canadian food inspection agency (CFIA) manitoba composting exercise case study

    Overview: Nordevco was invited to participate in a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) composting exercise by the CFIA Manitoba Team. The purpose of Nordevco’s participation was to evaluate the impact of BactiDomus Technology on the composting process specifically related to achieving and maintaining temperatures appropriate for the inactivation of the pathogen responsible for avian

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  • Straw-Based Bedding Product

    Straw-Based Bedding Product

    Strohfelder Platinum Original is made from 100% pure wheat straw. It does not contain chemical or natural additives, such as perfumes, extracts, binding agents or similar. Attention! The additives mentioned above may develop allergic reactions in animals and people! Platinum Original is virtually dust-free. All dust and smallest particles that do not meet our highest standards of ...