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  • The best possible investment - Volodomyr Taratunskiy, Ukraine - Case Study

    Volodymyr Taratunskiy and his family from the village Kyrnasivka in the Vinnitsa region in Ukraine have been in the poultry business for 20 years. They produce and sell breeders and chickens. All raised in cages. Best possible investment It is a tough and volatile market, and I need to stay competitive. I always look for the best possible investments and I constantly try to optimiz


Equipment & Solutions

  • Group Laying Nest

    Group Laying Nest

    The group laying nest with divided roof and nest locking mechanism. Relax is a group laying nest which has been newly developed by Big Dutchman especially for broiler breeders. The back wall automatically closes the nest after the laying period. This ensures that the nest remains clean and that the hens do not brood there. The almost screwless snap-on system allows for quick and easy assembly.