Poultry Cages

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Swaziland: Becoming self-supporting with the use of egg production - Case Study

    Two poultry houses, 5,000 laying hens and 1,5 million eggs annually make a difference in Swaziland, a country plagued by drought and Aids. With the support of the international egg industry, a poultry company was founded within the development of `Project Canaan`. It contributes to the project’s mission: becoming self-supporting with the use of agriculture. The poultry houses are equipped ...


  • How can we clean up the broiler cage equipment?

    A clean and hygienic environment is conducive to the healthy growth of chickens. However, there are many farmers who have cleaned up the broiler cage equipment and some corners are not cleaned up. Even if the broiler cage equipment is cleaned using ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Laying Hen Battery Manure Belt

    Laying Hen Battery Manure Belt

    The UniVent layer cage system from Big Dutchman meets our customers’ highest requirements regarding bird health, laying performance and environmental factors in the most ideal way. This technically proven system is characterised by a long service life, high functional reliability and outstanding conditions for humans and birds.