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  • Pad Cooling System
    Showcase Product

    Pad Cooling System

    By Big Dutchman

    The ideal cooling system for poultry houses in regions with hot and dry summers. RainMaker is a pad cooling system, developed by Big Dutchman, which features an innovative frame system. RainMaker is ...

  • Climate Computer for Livestock Production
    Showcase Product

    Climate Computer for Livestock Production

    By Big Dutchman

    Vento is a climate computer developed by Big Dutchman that is easy to understand and very user-friendly. The computer is also incredibly simple to install and to put into operation. Fresh air and exhaust air, heating ...

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  • Layer Farm

    Layer Farm

    Layer Farm Manager is a poultry management software to monitor commercial egg production performance. Layer Farm Manager provides a comprehensive ...

  • Impex Barneveld BV

    Impex Barneveld BV

    Impex Barneveld BV has grown from a pioneer to a world-wide, leading supplier of drinking systems and accessories for poultry and pig farming. To ...

  • AgroLogic LTD

    AgroLogic LTD

    AgroLogic LTD was founded in 1988 and leads in design and development of electronic control units for the poultry and pig raising. AgroLogic’s ...

  • MTech-Systems USA LLC.

    MTech-Systems USA LLC.

    From our inception as a regional software designer in a niche market to our current position as the international leader in software for the poultry ...

  • Prudence Technology Private Limited

    Prudence Technology Private Limited

    On a quest to create poultry ERP software that makes the farm and livestock management efficient, productive and profitable, Prudence Technology has ...