Poultry Farm Automation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Iceland: New poultry house for broiler production - Case Study

    There is a good reason why Iceland’s agriculture is dominated by animal husbandry: the island country in Northern Europe has a very unique nature, which is, however, also characterised by lava fields and a harsh climate. Only 1 % of the country’s area is suitable for cultivation, another 19.5 % can be used as pasture. Poultry production is one branch of Iceland’s livestock ...


  • New space for future growth at Evonik Porphyrio

    Evonik Porphyrio moves to a new office in Leuven, Belgium. In the center of university city Leuven, just 15 minutes away from vibrant Brussels, the new working space reflects the growth ambitions of the company. Evonik Porphyrio provides software ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Pad Cooling System

    Pad Cooling System

    The ideal cooling system for poultry houses in regions with hot and dry summers. RainMaker is a pad cooling system, developed by Big Dutchman, which features an innovative frame system. RainMaker is cha­rac­terised by its minimum installation requirements and is designed for simple supervision and maintenance. The cooling system works on the basis of evaporation and is therefore mainly ...