Poultry Feed Mills

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  • Why Choose Feed Pellets For Your Poultry

    Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet mill manufacturer, this article will introduce why choose feed pellets for poultry in detail.Why Choose Feed PelletsDifferent types of feed have different feeding effects. In general, the feeding effect of pellet feed is better than that of dry powder, because the pellet feed is ripened and


  • Talk About Feed Grinder Machine

    Talk About Feed Grinder Machine

    If you are interested in the feed grinder machine, please read this article.Our company Fusmar manufactured feed grinder machine is a kind of hammer mill equipment, which mainly strikes the materials to smash through hammers. Zhengzhou Fusmar ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • 200-300kg/h Small Feed Pellet Line

    200-300kg/h Small Feed Pellet Line

    The 200-300kg/h feed pellet production line is developed especially for small farms. For your convenience, we provide this set of machine which includes only two processes, crushing and mixing process-pelletizing process. Screw conveyor connects the two processes. It’s easy and safe to operate at home. For more information, please contact info@feed-pellet-mill.com