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Poultry Feed equipment for Poultry

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    Imperator Feed Pan

    The feed pan family for professional rearing and growing of turkeys. A feeding system for turkeys must meet a number of requirements that depend mainly on the production cycle and the birds’ age. During rearing, the feed must be easily accessible for the poults. Later, during hen and tom growing, keeping feed wastage to a minimum is a major ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Turkey Production Product line

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    SMB hogflo - Model SFSS-J - Slat Feeder

    Slat Feeder; Pan: 1½” Deep x 9¾” Dia. Lateral Pin Length: 1¾”. Depth of Spring Load Reach: 1¼.

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    PickPuck - Enrichment and Natural Wearing of the Beak - Aviary System

    Poultry farmers as well as their layers will benefit from the newly developed Big Dutchman product PickPuck. PickPuck occupies the hens and remains permanently interesting because the birds can act out their natural behaviour of searching for feed. A swinging plate with a coarse surface is suspended below a drop pipe with attractive feed such as ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Aviary Systems: The Versatile and Modular NATURA Family Product line

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    Big Pan - Model 330 - Broiler Feeding Pan

    The well-proven feed pan for broiler growing.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Augermatic Feeding System Product line

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    Vista - Model 360 - Feed Pan for Broiler Growing

    The new feed pan for successful broiler growing. Vista 360 is a feed pan for broiler growing newly developed by Big Dutchman. The pan not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks but also those of heavy birds during the final grow-out period.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Broiler Production Product line

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    KAHL - Crushing Roller Mill

    Using the KAHL crushing roller mill cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and feed mixtures can be crushed efficiently and with a considerably lower expenditure of energy compared to the hammer mill. Our chilled cast iron rollers are available in three sizes.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Compound Feed Industry - Compound Feed Plants Product line

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    Lateral Position of Nest and Manure Pit

    Main advantages: Positioning nest and manure pit at both long sides of the house is a common concept for broiler breeder houses in Northern and South America as well as Asia. A drinker line as well as suspended or standing chain feeding lines are installed above the manure pit. The ReproMatic pan feeding system is another possible alternative. ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Housing Concept Product line

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    Fluxxbreeder - Feed Pan

    The feed pan for rearing and production in day-old-to-death or separate rearing and production systems. The main aim in rearing is for all hens of a flock to reach laying maturity at the same time. A uniform flock can only develop if all birds have a feeding space of sufficient width to feed simultaneously. Moreover, pans must be filled ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from ReproMatic & FluxxBreeder Feeding System Product line

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    FLUXX - Model 330 & 360 - Feed Pans for Successful Broiler Feeding

    The Big Dutchman FLUXX feed pan is one of the leading feeding systems for successful broiler production. FLUXX not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks, but also those of heavy birds in the final grow-out phase. Its many advantages truly make the FLUXX broiler feeding system a must-have for professional broiler growers worldwide. The ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Broiler Production Product line

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    Automatic Chain Feeding

    Big Dutchman introduced the world‘s first automatic chain feeding system as early as 1938. Daily hand-feeding of the flock was very time-consuming, triggering the idea of an automatic feeder system: A new era dawned for the poultry industry. Thanks to its robust and simple principle, the chain feeding system has proved itself a million times ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Layer Breeders Management Product line

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    Separate Male Feeding Pan

    The correct feeding of males is very important for a high fertility rate and good chick quality. Separately feeding males guarantees that all males receive the specified amount of feed. To ensure that all males are provided with a balanced amount of nutrients, it is also possible to use special feed recipes. A conveying tube with auger ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Broiler Breeder Management Product line

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    MultiPan & MultiPan - Model Plus - Flexible Poultry Feed Pans for Rearing and Growing

    Main advantages: Do you want to face the changing requirements of the poultry meat market and be flexible in reacting to these requirements? Then you should choose Big Dutchman MultiPan or MultiPan Plus feeders. These feed pans were specially designed for alternative growing of broilers, turkeys, ducks and other growing poultry (guinea fowl, ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Augermatic Feeding System Product line

  • Hebei - Automatic Bell Drinker

    Why automatic bell drinkers are better choose for chicken ground rearing comparing with the common ground drinkers. Automatic bell drinker also Plasson drinker.It is used together with poultry feeders for chicken feeding and drinking. it is highly effective and more economical, especially for broilers, broiler need more waters than pullet and ...

    By Hebei Best Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA. from Poultry Drinker and Feeder Product line

  • Hebei - Chick Cage

    Chick cage we introduced here is mainly rearing baby egg laying chicken, Chick cage also is named to pullet cage or brooder cage. if you want to learn baby broiler cage, please check Broiler cage.  BEST chick cage rears baby egg laying chicken from one day old chicks, after 12 weeks or 16 weeks it grows up and near egg laying time, farmers ...

    By Hebei Best Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA. from Chicken Cage Product line

  • Euro - Model P60 - Rearing Cages

    “Euro-P60” is OMAZ battery for pullets, the result of a careful study aimed at creating an efficient and long-lasting product.The battery shows a compact structure due to the use of supporting feet each 104.6 cm.

    By OMAZ srl based in Civitanova Marche (MC), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model DWS-20 - Bird Weighing System

    DWS-20 is a management system designed for the modern producer who requires optimum production information. The DWS-20 unit incorporates a bird weighing system, temperature recording, waterand feed consumption registration and alarming for four poultry houses.

    By Dena Samaneh based in Tehran, IRAN.

  • Model EP 200 NG - Fermented and Dried Complementary Feed

    EP 200 NG is a fermented and dried complementary feed for swine and poultry. In the production co-products from non-GMO soy and potato as well as specific lactic acid producing bacteria are used. EP 200 Non-GMO contains fermentation products like organic acids, enzymes and live lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation process has done several things ...

    By European Protein AS based in Bække, DENMARK.

  • Khan Fish Meal - Symbol Of The Best Quality Fish Meal For Poultry And Animal Feed

    Our premium range of Fish Meal is majorly used for poultry, animal, and aquaculture feed. We provide Fish Meal products in different processing methods and prices to suit the class of different industries. The products are Cooker Dried, Wet-Processed (100% Steam Dried), Plant Sterilized & Sun-Dried (Whole Fish). Our partner's companies are also ...

    By Khan Traders Fishmeal Co. based in PAKISTAN.

  • Ocrim - Feed Mills

    Ocrim provides solutions which permit to produce sheep, fish, cattle and poultry feeds at optimal costs thanks to plants high level production, limited energy consumption, minimum maintenance and restrained capital expenditure. Ocrim offers both technical-engineering services and services to improve recipes.

    By Ocrim S.p.A. based in Cremona, ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Biomass Machinery - Double Oar Animal Feed Mixer

    Operation speed low, mixing efficiency high, and moving is gentle.Various liquids can be added. Full-opened structure makes no material left, and the output speed is fast.It is suitable for premix material blending applied to the professionals such as poultry ,aquatic feed, chemical industry and so on.

    By Jinan Biomass Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. based in Shandong province, CHINA.

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