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Poultry Floor equipment for Poultry

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    Incas - Model 2 - Poultry Scale for Layers

    Incas 2 is a poultry scale that can be used in houses where layers are kept on the floor or in cages. Thanks to the multi-purpose stainless steel suspension, Incas 2 can either be fitted laterally to the wire mesh or, if the load cell is angled accordingly, be fixed to the system’s flooring.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Bird Weighing Systems Product line

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    Big Dutchman - Plastic Slats - Poultry Production

    The plastic flooring designed by Big Dutchman is ideally suited for laying hens.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Manure Pit Systems Product line

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    Cable Winches for Easy Raising of Drinker Lines

    Main advantages: In floor management, it is very important to adjust the height of the drinker lines in relation to the birds‘ age. For easy and sufficient intake of water without spillages, the animals should have to stretch when drinking.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Drinking Systems for Rearing and Heavier Poultry Product line

  • Heating Pipes

    Efficient waterbased heating. SKOV will most often use the so-called Spiraflex heating pipes for livestock house heating. The heating system is based on the supply and circulation of water, the heating pipes providing efficient and economic house heating.

    By Skov A/S based in Glyngøre, DENMARK. from Heating Product line

  • HATO - Floor Housing Consists

    Generally, floor housing consists of a single, enclosed space filled with litter on the floor. Depending on the dimensions of the poultry house, a certain number of feeding and drinking lines are installed in this space. Uniform light distribution is extremely important in floor housing systems, because of the open character. Shadows and ...

    By HATO Agricultural Lighting based in Sittard, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Lighting Product line

  • FDI Cage Systems - Chain Feeding System

    Chain (Manufactured at FDI). 2-3/4' International Standard—Pitch 1.640. May be separated and joined at any link—no special connectors.

    By FDI Cage Systems based in Mitchell, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Sperotto - Floor Breeding Poultry House

    Our high quality prefabricated poultry houses always grant the best environmental conditions for floor breeding. We provide our clients with different solutions, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Our prefabricated sheds can be easily and rapidly assembled and are coated with an anti-corrosive and anti-rust ...

    By Sperotto S.p.a. based in Sandrigo, ITALY. from Prefabricated Poultry Houses Product line

  • Seymour - Model 6000 - Chain Spreader

    6 Cubic Meter capacity Hopper. Heavy Duty Chassis on Tandem Axles. Removable Grate Bars. Suitable for Poultry Manure, Organic Fertilisers, Compost & Mulch. Heavy Duty Floor Chain 850 wide. Reduction Gearbox on Floor Chain Drive. Non Corrosive & Friction Free Floor Surface. Adjustable Door Height with wide Door opening. Heavy Duty over head ...

    By Southern Cross Mowers Pty Ltd. based in Rutherford, AUSTRALIA. from Spreaders Product line

  • Texha KoChiBo - Floor Breeding Equipment for Broiler

    The latest innovations, achievements and developments of world poultry industry have been implemented in the floor equipment for broilers growing. Feeding and drinking systems are designed with regard to all existing requirements and achievements on modern broiler breeding complexes with usage of floor technologies. To buy TEXHA’s floor ...

    By Texha PA LLC based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Poultry Meat Production Product line

  • Primarily Supply Plastic Slats

    Potters Poultry primarily supply plastic slats, although other types such as hardwood can be sourced for you. Our plastic slat is probably the strongest and most stable available and you will feel safe and steady when walking on them. We use a very simple galvanised steel and plastic structure beneath the slats for support. The legs are fully ...

    By Potters Poultry based in Swift Valley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • HK-Danong - Poultry/Chicken Plastic Net Floor

    Plastic net floor is mainly used for chicken,duck,goose,rabbit,and  other poultry's house.This floor is corrosion resistant and easy to clean,can obviously improve the environment of poultry farm.

    By Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S & T Co., Ltd. based in Henan Province, CHINA. from Broiler Ground System Product line

  • Agile - Model 4250 - Mobile Chicken Layer

    Designed for small flocks and specialist poultry the Agile layer house provides the very best environment for the production of free range and organic eggs. With the ability to house 233 to 627 free range and 209 to 415 organic chickens, the Agile layer house is fully mobile and can be easily towed to fresh pasture with minimum effort.

    By McGregor Polytunnels based in Bramdean, UNITED KINGDOM. from Poultry Housing - Mobile Chicken Layer Product line

  • FWD - Hexnet of Metallic Woven Wire Cloth

    The structure of the Hexnet is very firm and is extensively applied in the buildings as reinforcement of roof and floor. It's also used as fence for poultry cage, fish garden and children's playground as well.

  • Sperotto - Free Range and Organic Breeding Poultry House

    For free range and organic breeding, Sperotto offers its high quality prefabricated poultry houses for floor breeding. In free range and organic poultry breeding, the flock must have access to the outdoors. Therefore our sheds are supplied with special outlets opening at preset times that allow the animals to roam freely in ...

    By Sperotto S.p.a. based in Sandrigo, ITALY. from Prefabricated Poultry Houses Product line

  • Model VH01P - Poultry Hopper Feeder

    Made of soft material (PP coplymer) which makes it almost unbreakable. Even in a cold winter the material stays strong and flexible. Can be suspended in the poultry house or placed on the floor. In case you suspend the feeder place the bottom on the level of the backs of the animals.  For young chick always put the feeder ...

    By Olba B.V. based in Coevorden, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Feeders Product line

  • Heavy Duty Poultry Quick Wash

    Our heavy duty Poultry Quick Wash has many features that you will enjoy beginning with our Udor diaphragm pump rated at 46 gallons per minute at 700 PSI. We also offer, on our poultry washer, four side wall nozzles to clean curtains and side walls. Two overhead nozzles on the poultry washer clean ceilings, then invert the nozzles to spray the ...

    By H & H Farm Machine Co., Inc. based in Monroe, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Valego - Model RFE - Nest Systems

    The Valego RFE nest system tilts the nest floor in order to close the nest. In prior to the full tilt, an additional backwards tilt provides the eggs of an extra bit of angularity ensuring egg movement. No space needed underneath the nest because of intergraded expulsion racks in the side walls.

    By Volito BV - a division of CTB, Inc. based in Veenendaal, NETHERLANDS. from Layers Floor Nests Product line

  • VAL-CO - Center Belt Community Nest

    VAL-CO Community Nests are high quality, water-resistant nests that can be easily assembled and are very hen friendly,  leading to a minimum of floor eggs. The gentle expeller, nest pads with holes, and nest bottom that slopes gently to the centre belt, ensure hens don’t brood in the nest or go out of production while providing clean, ...

    By Valmena Ltd. based in Limassol, CYPRUS.

  • MIK - Broiler Housing Floor Slat

    The MIK broiler slat is designed to keep broiler without using any litter. Due to the surface design the flooring offers a perfect animal friendly and clean solution.

    By MIK International GmbH & Co. KG based in Ransbach-Baumbach, GERMANY. from Poultry & Small Animals - Poultry Product line

  • HK-Danong - Poultry Slat Floor

    This plastic chicken floor suitable for cage-free chicken house , easy to clean dung , ensure healty chicken .  The material is PVC, a high-strength plastic molding. Include: support frame and strengthening beams.

    By Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S & T Co., Ltd. based in Henan Province, CHINA. from Broiler Ground System Product line

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