Poultry Genetics

Equipment & Solutions

  • Actigen
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    By Alltech

    Actigen promotes performance naturally. It is a cost effective, safe and traceable new technology developed through nutrigenomics that helps animals of all species to thrive and reach their genetic potential.

  • Veterinary & Meat Adulteration Test Kits
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    Veterinary & Meat Adulteration Test Kits

    By Royal Biotech

    Unsure over why your pet’s health is declining?. Use the latest PCR detection method to expeditiously diagnose your pet. Recommended for any dogs and cats over a year old. Regular checkups= Earlier detection= ...

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    Professione Avicunicoltore

    Professione Avicunicoltore is a technical bimonthly magazine for poultry and rabbit breeders. It focuses on nutrition, genetics, management and ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • frezhar agroscience

    Frezhar Agroscience is a company based in Nairobi,Kenya.based on transforming agriculture for our young unemployed youths and create market for the ...