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  • The KAHL Crown Expander - a Way out of the Feed Structure Dilemma

    Introduction: For some time now, more and more have turned away worldwide, particularly in Germany, from the hitherto customary fine grinding of pig and poultry feed. For a time, fine grinding was seen as key to achieve high feed conversion rates and good pellet quality with low fines. But today, it is recognised more and more that the vulnerability of our livestock is growing with the geneti


Equipment & Solutions

  • Poultry Farming Equipment Combination-Type Plastic

    Poultry Farming Equipment Combination-Type Plastic

    Product Detail Means of Transport: Ocean Packing: Moisture Proof Brand Name: TOPLEA Grid Size: 22mm x 40mm x4.4mm Triangle beam: PVC Material Color: White Weight: 2700g Product Feature: Reasonable grid design Production Capacity: 300 Sets/ Year Delivery Date: 1-2 Months Material: PP Thickness: 45mm Industry: Poultry Farming Equipment Specification: 1000mm*600mm Triangle beam size: 42mm*120mm*6mm ...