Poultry Hatchery

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  • Facilitating Sustainable Farming

    Green power for your greens, milk and eggsWind matches the agricultural loadThis XANT clients runs a poultry hatchery in West-Flanders. Poultry hatcheries produce most of the eggs consumed in the developed world.  The chicks are bred at controlled room temperature and continuous ventilation, and hence hatcheries consume a lot of electricity. To ru


  • 2019 Single Seed Oyster Network of Japan

    The 2019 Single Seed Oyster Network of Japan event was held in Osaka on 23 April. For the second year running, this event organised by SEAPA Japan has successfully brought together farmers, national and local government officials and other oyster ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hand Gathering Nest without Manure Pit

    Hand Gathering Nest without Manure Pit

    Main Advantages: Hand gathering nests without manure pit are a great option especially for smaller houses. Nipple drinkers and chain feeding lines (suspended or standing) are installed at both long sides of the house. If males are fed separately, their feeding and drinking systems can be situated centrally between the nest rows, where the track-and-carry system for the hatching eggs is also ...