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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Iceland: New poultry house for broiler production - Case Study

    There is a good reason why Iceland’s agriculture is dominated by animal husbandry: the island country in Northern Europe has a very unique nature, which is, however, also characterised by lava fields and a harsh climate. Only 1 % of the country’s area is suitable for cultivation, another 19.5 % can be used as pasture. Poultry production is one branch of Iceland’s livestock ...


  • 14 Management Tips to Improve Poultry Performance

    The ever growing demand for poultry products has led to increase in number of people getting attracted towards poultry farming. It is a profitable business prospect. Do you know the combined value of production from eggs, broilers, turkeys, and the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Poultry Climate Controllers for Agriculture

    Poultry Climate Controllers for Agriculture

    Supporting 20 relays, the AC-2000 Plus Poultry provide control over temperature, humidity, CO2, static pressure, light, and more. In addition, the controller provides flock management, weighing, feed and water capabilities. This controller supports up to six temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, two bird scales, one CO2 sensor, various types of heaters, a static pressure sensor, and more.