Poultry Lighting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Saving money with the new LED technology for poultry houses - Case Study

    For the broilers on Dirk Bockhorst`s farm, the morning starts leisurely. As if the sun were rising, the lights are slowly turned on in the houses located in Emstek, Lower Saxony, Germany. Happy clucking can be heard all around. Until warm light illuminates the houses half an hour later. This light does not come from standard 40 watt light bulbs but is provided by high-quality LED lamps. A special ...


  • Munters Product Launch: RLED 2.0

    The RLED 2.0 features a simple calibration process that enables the light dimmer to support practically any light bulb on the market. After a simple calibration procedure, the RLED 2.0 automatically adjusts the voltage to meet your exact needs. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Moisture Proof Poultry LED Lamp

    Moisture Proof Poultry LED Lamp

    A well-developed lighting program signifi cantly contributes to successful poultry production. An even illumination of all parts of a poultry house is guaranteed with the use of the innovative moistureproof lamp Zeus. With this 2-channel moisture-proof lamp, Big Dutchman has an exclusive high-quality brand product (OSRAM) available. The Zeus lamp can be used for multiple purposes thanks to LED ...