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  • Group Laying Nest
    Showcase Product

    Group Laying Nest

    By Big Dutchman

    The group laying nest with divided roof and nest locking mechanism. Relax is a group laying nest which has been newly developed by Big Dutchman especially for broiler breeders. The back wall automatically closes the ...

  • Enriched Colony Systems
    Showcase Product

    Enriched Colony Systems

    By Big Dutchman

    With the EV 2240-EU, Big Dutchman offers you a new system for efficient, animal friendly and safe egg production. Its main advantages are the high functionality and profitability, excellent hygienic conditions and ...

  • Poultry Scale for Broiler Breeders
    Showcase Product

    Poultry Scale for Broiler Breeders

    By Big Dutchman

    Nesca is a poultry scale recently developed by Big Dutchman for integration into group laying nests (patent pending). The scale automatically determines the weight of hens visiting the nest to lay their eggs.

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  • Potters Poultry

    Potters Poultry

    Potters Poultry is a family owned business based in the U.K. We have been involved in manufacturing and supplying quality poultry equipment for over ...

  • Farmer Automatic of America Inc

    Farmer Automatic of America Inc

    Farmer Automatic – economically viable animal farming for the future. For 45 years, Farmer Automatic has been developing efficient, innovative ...

  • Flexy S.r.l.

    Flexy S.r.l.

    FLEXY company is specialized and has a well known experience in egg collection and transportation systems. From the beginning, FLEXY aimed to have ...

  • Jansen Poultry Equipment

    Jansen Poultry Equipment

    Jansen Poultry Equipment was founded in 1986 by Mr A. H. Jansen for development and production of the first automatic laying nests. With his ...

  • Reliance Poultry

    Reliance Poultry

    Reliance was founded in 1986 and initially distributed poultry cages, plastic broiler equipment and gas heaters to the farming community in South ...