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  • Sodium Erythorbate

    Sodium Erythorbate

    Sodium erythorbate (C6H7NaO6) is a food additive used predominantly in meats, poultry, and soft drinks. Chemically, it is the sodium salt of erythorbic acid. When used in processed meat such as hot dogs and beef sticks, it increases the rate at which nitrite reduces to nitric oxide, thus facilitating a faster cure and retaining the pink coloring. As an antioxidantstructurally related to vitamin ...


  • 14 Management Tips to Improve Poultry Performance

    The ever growing demand for poultry products has led to increase in number of people getting attracted towards poultry farming. It is a profitable business prospect. Do you know the combined value of production from eggs, broilers, turkeys, and the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Warm Water Radiators for Poultry and Pig Houses

    Warm Water Radiators for Poultry and Pig Houses

    The warm water carried heating systems from DACS supplies a large quantity of dry heat to the house. Dry heat is useful both for heating up the house, but also for de-humidification because dry heat can absorb a large quantity of humidity. Especially during the winter months it is important to have full heating capacity available. The performance on the radiator is stated at a room ...