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  • Operation method of making organic fertilizer

    1. Preparation (1) weigh and divide the organic matters (about 70% water content) such as the excrement of livestock and poultry and rotten leaves of vegetables to be treated. (2) weigh and prepare the necessary auxiliary materials (such as straw, straw, sawdust, etc.) in parts, with the water content no more than 12%. (3) weigh and divide the required fermentation agent into parts, add it in the ...


  • Benefits Of Feed Pellet Machine For Your Poultry Farming

    Benefits Of Feed Pellet Machine For Your Poultry Farming

    Feed pellet machine can bring benefits to your poultry farming. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the benefits of feed pellet machine for production in detail.Feed Pellets Has ...

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  • Automatic Weighing Poultry Scale

    Automatic Weighing Poultry Scale

    Our scales are designed for automatic weighing of live poultry. The PS1 automatic poultry scale comes in a 50kg and a 100kg version, making the system equally suitable for chicken broilers and turkeys.