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Poultry Equipment

  • ComScale - Weighing Computer as Stand-Alone Solution

    ComScale is a stand-alone weighing computer which can be installed in a fixed place in the service room or used as a battery-powered mobile scale. Poultry scales that are available for connection to ComScale include Swing 20 and 70 as well as Incas 2 and IncasCompact.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Bird Weighing Systems Product line

  • FlexScale - Manual Mobile Poultry Scale

    FlexScale is a battery-powered, portable, user-friendly weighing computer that automatically saves manual weighings. FlexScale has a concise display, a large memory and a long battery life.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Bird Weighing Systems Product line

  • Speedling - Molded Boxes

    If your items are thermal sensitive or perishable Speedling’s insulated containers are exactly what you need. The containers are molded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) material that provides exceptional insulation and strength. Speedling molded boxes are manufactured on site, and available to ship across the U.S. or internationally. They are ...

    By Speedling Inc. based in Ruskin, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Aqua Eggs - Rhodomonas Lens

    AQUA Eggs is THE far-out do it yourself experience for attaining live feed for your home aquarium! Composed by 100% aquacultured Acartia tonsa’s eggs. Copepods are a natural source of protein, lipids, carotene, free amino acids, vitamin C and chitin for your community!

    By Pen Wave based in Peniche, PORTUGAL. from Microalgae Product line

  • INVE - Fish Hatchery Diets Feed

    Intensive hatchery culture methods require specialized care and nutrition of the delicate larvae and juveniles. INVE Aquaculture offers a wide range of high quality and stage-specific diets that support healthy growth, high survival and maximized yield. Our diet ranges such as O.range and NRD are solid references in the industry. Our ...

    By INVE Aquaculture - a Benchmark company based in Dendermonde, BELGIUM. from Nutrition Product line

  • AquaSearch - Model Organic - Fish Farmers

    Niche production for the market of organic products, has become increasingly lucrative for individual fish farmers in certain countries, and AquaSearch ova is offering mixed sex eggs for this production. The strain of origin is identical with AquaSearch FRESH and similar performance and characteristics except for the male part of the population ...

    By AquaSearch ova Aps based in Billund, DENMARK.

  • WlN - Model Fast - Premium Weaning Microdiet for Fast Growing Species

    Balanced nutritional composition: Enhanced growth performance. Reduced size dispersion. Reduced cannibalism. Improved stress/disease resistance.

    By SPAROS Lda based in Olhão, PORTUGAL. from Hatchery Feeds Product line

  • Albers - Scratch Grains

    Cracked yellow corn and whole wheat.    In larger form.

    By Albers Animal Feed based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Scratch Grains Product line

  • ERMO - Single and Double Share Ploughs

    The product range that suits every tractor. ERMO products meet any need, with regard to both light tasks carried out with low-power tractors (45hp), and to in-depth works or trenching activities carried out with tractors (up to 500hp) in order to implant new vineyards and orchards.

    By ERMO S.p.A. based in Casalbuttano, ITALY. from Ploughing - Mounted Ploughs Product line

  • AlgeaFeed - Model 3.5 - Arctic Seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum

    AlgeaFeed 3.5 is made by drying and grinding the valuable Arctic seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, which is particularly suitable for sheep, poultry, pigs, cattle and pets; this comes in a 3.5 mm size.

    By Algea based in Kristiansund, NORWAY. from Cattle Wellbeing Product line

  • Model AG 100 - General Purpose Spreader

    This is S&A’s most popular spreader. It has proven to stand up to years of use. We have had customers who have made them last for 20+ years simply by utilizing excellent maintenance programs. It has also been modified countless times to fit a customers specific needs. It has a 2 ton capacity, all oil enclosed gearboxes including a 2 ...

    By S and A Manufacturing based in Livingston, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Spreader Product line

  • Veda - Model G45 / G50 / G60 - Reverse Tiller

    Reverse Tiller: Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2 & 3 + ASAE 3ª. Tractor linkage swinging arms. Single speed gearbox 1000 rpm PTO. Double Lateral transmission driven by chain in oil bath. Automatic chain tensioner on spring. Front dual metal face seals in oil bath on rotors. 2x rotors with central support. Removable flanged rotors. Rotor ...

    By Veda Farming based in Salinas, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Tillers & Bed Formers Product line

  • Red Rooster Hand Cultivator

    3 tine forged cultivator, 3-1/2' x 4'. 12 inch fiberglass handle. Order Unit Each.

    By Red Rooster Ag Products based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Garden Tools Product line

  • Eco-Safe - Model R-1000-3S - Restaurant System

    The R-1000-3S Restaurant System is designed for specific use in Restaurants or Supermarkets where up to 3 adjacent faucets are in simultaneous use. This system is suitable for food & surface disinfection and general cleanup.

    By Eco Safe Systems USA, Inc. based in Tarzana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Nature - Broilers

    The OMAZ cage Mod. NATURE, available in two different versions, B60 and B72, is a clear example of broiler battery suitable for any kind of conditions, reliable and, most important, user friendly. Its design allows makes daily and periodic operations fast and easy. The ABS bottom, soft and sturdy at the same time, guarantee top quality production ...

    By OMAZ srl based in Civitanova Marche (MC), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model RTN 500 - Trailer

    Kit extra sides 2000x1400x300 mm with joints. Side height H=400 mm on 1600x1200. Side height H=400 mm on 1800x1200. Side height H=400 mm on 1800x1400. Side height H=400 mm on 2000x1400

    By Erreppi S.r.l based in Bevagna (Pg), ITALY. from Trailers Product line

  • OxyVision - Model NetOx - Manifoil System

    NetOx Manifoil is a highly efficient and simple branching device for distribution of oxygen to fish cages. The manifoil is connected to the oxygen battery and the secondary supply hoses are connected to the NetOx through T-branches. The manifoil with NetOx are first launched in the cage, and the NetOx hoses are spread out by using simple ropes.

    By OxyVision based in Moss, NORWAY.

  • COMFORT - Model P80 / P66 - Rearing Housing Systems

    The P80 battery cage can reach up to 150 meters in length and height with the overlapping of up to ten tiers. A polypropylene belt inserted between each level of the battery collects and removes the manure onto a transversal conveyor belt that carries it out of the shed.

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa based in Marsango di Campo San Martino, ITALY. from Rearing Housing Systems Product line

  • AJK - Rear Over Tippers

       By choosing a rear tipping trailer, you opt for stability during the chickens! At AJK we always work with the highest quality steels to deliver a good quality . Our tippers are usually equipped with a front cylinder, which means that you can benefit from a low installation height and a low self-weight of the tipper.

    By AJK Hydrolift NV based in Bocholt, BELGIUM. from Tippers Product line

  • Tulderhof - Air Optimizer

    When minimum ventilated, the Air Optimizer mixes oxygen rich outside air with warm stable air. A fan is used to blow the air into the middle of the house and also pulls down the unused hot air to animal level.

    By Tulderhof Ventilation BV based in Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS. from Air Treatment Products Product line

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