Model 00MS1416 - Axle Fertilizer Lime Spreader



MagnaSpread 14' or 16' Tandem Axle Fertilizer Lime Spreader - High Capacity - Pull Type - Distribution of Granular Fertilizer or Lime - Option Rich - Customized for your specific application - Advanced Technology for the most sophisticated farmer! Spreads Lime at up to 2 TONS per acre at 14 mph with a 60' swath - Spreads Fertilizer in 80' PLUS swaths!

MagnaSpread 14' or 16'  Tandem Axle Fertilizer Lime Spreader Highlights

  • The BBI Binary Manifold is STANDARD on all MagnaSpread units making Precision Agriculture a Snap!  The BBI Binary Hydraulic Manifold system combines the hydraulic controls for the conveyor and spinners into one control manifold.  It includes proportional manual speed control for both spinners and conveyor.  Pilot operated relief is standard.  A dump valve and a GR is standard for the conveyor.  The modularity of the BBI Binary Manifold allows for quick, easy conversion to GR option and to electronic control.
  • Spreads Lime at up to 2 tons per acre at 14 mph with a 60' swath.
  • Spreads fertilizer in 80' plus swaths!
  • UHMW and Stainless Steel reduces corrosion issues and extends the life of the spreader.
  • UHMW Bearing Back keeps bearings clean, giving longer bearing life and fewer failures.
  • Proprietary MagnaSpread system delivers a wider, flatter, more consistent pattern.
  • Dual Rack and Pinion gate prevents jams.
  • Overhead Spinner Motors are ABOVE the chemical resulting in extended motor life.
  • Pull with a tractor - no need to maintain a dedicated chassis and power train.
  • Variable rate technology or straight rate control.
  • UHMW Comb Cover prevents streaking in the field.
  • BBI Spreaders are 'Option Rich' and can be customized to your specific application.
  • Flotation tires and wide swath minimize compaction.

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